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March 13, 2009, 1:30 pm
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The School of Architecture is a forum for architectural and urban studies that offers one-year post-graduate courses in three disciplines, including Architecture, Architectural Restoration and Art and Architecture. The goal of the School of Architecture is to engage society through the generation of relevant and tangible projects, as well as the creation of working networks that continue outside the academic realm. Projects generated at the school often become independent platforms that develop on their own.

An increasingly urban world necessitates new perspectives. The three programs share an interest in the City while differing in their focus – history and identity, social aspects and future urban possibilities. By utilizing methods of research and design we explore the potential of urban environments in a rapidly changing world.


ABOUT RESOURCES, the post-graduate course in architecture –

Resources is a post-graduate program in architecture and urban planning that explores the relation between the world’s increasingly limited resources and our built environment. The present program Cities and Energy – an investigation of how changes in energy consumption and production inform our cities and ways of life, was initiated in 2007. We began in China’s racing economy and rapid urbanization with Beyond Oil: Shanghai. Presently, we are looking eastward, across the Pacific rim towards one of the planet’s wealthiest regions. With its 17 million inhabitants, Los Angeles is one of the fastest growing areas in the Western world and a city predicated on fossil fuels. It is also a place synonymous with dreams, extreme lifestyles and progressive grass-roots movements. What does Los Angeles look like beyond oil – beyond Desire?

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